Few interesting photos of Queen Elizabeth II

There are few unseen photos of queen elizabeth ii and her majesty’s long life has blessed us with thousands of photographs to see so it’s quite hard to choose the most interesting photo of the Queen so instead I’ll be showing an array of photos that I thought were pretty fascinating (arranged by date).

1. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret portraying Aladdin and Princess Roxana (respectively) in a Christmas pantomime performed at Windsor Castle in 1943

What’s interesting is that Princess Elizabeth’s costume was eye-catching due to her tunic. Its considerably short length (which even resulted to complaints being made by her father to Marion Crawford) highlighted the Princess’ toned legs. This was apparently a ‘ker-ching’ moment for Prince Philip who hadn’t seen Princess Elizabeth for a long while prior to the play. Their grandson, Prince William, would have a similar moment when he saw Catherine Middleton’s catwalk at a student fashion show (and we all know what the future Duchess of Cambridge’s dress looked like).

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2. Princess Elizabeth while working at the Auxiliary Territorial Services in 1945

Princess Elizabeth was a driver and mechanic for the ATS during WW2. She enlisted when she was 18 and by doing so became the first female royal to become a full-time member of the British Armed Forces. Her Majesty is currently the only surviving head of state to have served in WW2.

3. Princess Elizabeth playing tag on board HMS Vanguard on the voyage to South Africa in 1947

Look how happy and carefree she looks here! You can watch her and Princess Margaret play tag with the midshipmen on board in this video: Royal Tour 1947 (1947)

4. Princess Elizabeth’s portrait taken by Sir Cecil Beaton in 1948

I found this photo absolutely captivating. A beautifully lit portrait that shows us the future Queen’s beguiling gaze and her wearing the iconic flower basket brooch.

5. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh at Malta in 1950

You may ask: “What’s interesting about this photo?” Princess Elizabeth was actually pregnant in this photo with Princess Anne! It used to be very uncommon for photographs of pregnant royals to be released or taken by the press (as it was considered kinda like a taboo).

6. A photograph of Queen Elizabeth II taken by Dorothy Wildings in 1952

Taken from the first official photographic sitting with the new Queen, the sitting took place only 20 days after Her Majesty’s accession. This photo is absolutely iconic. It captures the Queen’s elegance and youthful beauty. While the public did mourn the death of their King, they were also excited by the prospect of having a young Queen who could potentially be a moderniser. They were looking forward to a new Elizabethan age.

7. The Queen and Prince Philip after eggs were thrown at them by protesters at New Zealand in 1986

Prince Philip was very concerned if the Queen was hurt and his wife comforted him by saying she was alright. He was seen to have used his handkerchief to wipe off any egg marks from the Queen. Afterwards, Her Majesty was reported to have said: “I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”

Do you guys ever think about how Her Majesty has the most seen side profile in history?


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