The Danger of Butterfly Pills: They Can Harm You Badly!

The butterfly pills They have become very famous in recent months. The reason is the videos on Tik Tok of women saying that it has worked for them to lose up to 20 kilos in 6 months. However, not everything is what it seems.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that the majority of these profiles are people who continually undergo surgery. The second thing is that they are the ones who sell you those miracle products to lose weight without any exercise or workout apps. Curious that only people who are going to make a profit from it speak well about butterfly pills.

What are butterfly pills like?

Although we can find various formats, in Spain the most famous are the butterfly pills from the famous Türkiye. However, this article is not focused only on these pills, but on all those that promise these benefits, which are many, although in Spain, luckily, some are difficult to obtain.

Something that we must take into account is that they do not provide us with the active ingredients that cause weight loss, there are no clinical studies that support this and what they usually highlight is that contain collagen. But collagen is not useful for losing weight. Don’t be fooled, because collagen is beneficial for our skin and our joints, but it does nothing for weight loss.

Not only do they have nothing to prove that you are going to lose weight. The worst thing is that there have been cases of people who have had a stroke from taking diet pills and who will now have to take medication for life, just for taking some miracle pills. Don’t put your life at risk, it’s not worth it.!

What is the price of butterfly pills?

On many occasions we think, well, it’s not much money, if it doesn’t work, nothing happens… unless you lose your health. Although currently butterfly pills do have a high price, well price of butterfly pills are usually around $39 something that is outrageous.

Nowadays we find other types of “easier” solutions to lose weight such as saxenda weight loss injection which is something “safe” because it is the family doctor who prescribes it. Therefore, if you are thinking about losing weight and you have already given up on sports and healthy food, it is best that you go to your family doctor and consult him.

And you, did you know the dangers of consume butterfly pills to lose weight?

butterfly pills for weight loss and price

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