10 Ways To Be: Perfect Girl | How Should A Perfect Girl Look Like?

Being a perfect girl can change your life around you, since your childhood till your adulthood.Your friends would be happy to talk to you, you would attract right kind of attention as well as you would be famous amongst your relatives and peers. You might feel better about yourself and in turn you would attract positivism around you.

Here are few ways you can follow if you want to be a perfect girl;

Start treating yourself better

Self-underestimatting is a tool used when people are not comfortable with their own selves. This results into a lot of unhealthy environment for the people surrounded by you, because you are not happy with what you have. So, if you are striving for being the perfect girl, it is very important for you to treat yourself better. Nobody is born perfect, for that, every individual must accept their own flaws and understand how beautiful they are underneath.

Spend more time with your grandparents

Spending time with your grand parents and the old folks should be a key towards going for a path towards perfect girl. These people love to talk and spending quality time with them would make their heart at ease. Listen to them, as they have great stories to share. Also, from my personal experience I get to learn a great deal from my grandpa and grandma.

Use right kind of attire

Now, before you mistake me for being an orthodox, let me tell you I am not. Wearing shorts or uncomfortable outfits in the name of style or fashion may attract unwanted attention. I am not saying start wearing only ethnic attires but use smart wears which would not garner unwanted attention. Wear something you are comfortable in. Avoid the skimpy wears.

Be health-conscious

Treat your body with respect. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eliminate the junk food from your life and start eating more vegetables and fruits. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Work out, do yoga, and reserve some time for meditation.

Say no to drinking and smoking

It’s not at all cool to drink and smoke. And even if you have adopted yourself towards the healthy lifestyle, it’s not even okay to continue smoking or drinking alcohol. Say no to drinks and cigarettes even to those who gives you a phrase “YOLO!” Instead adopt the thinking, “You live only once, live it healthy free from toxic substances.” Stay away from these substances as much as you can. Also drug abuse like Marijuana, LSD etc.

Follow your hobbies

Be creative. Follow something which you like. Write for yourself if you think you are expressive through words. Draw if you are an artist. Your time is free, use it for the best. Instead of sticking your eyes to that idiot box TV, find your own hobby and spend time in that. It would make you feel more better than wasting your time watching television.

Read and watch news

Be informative. Be aware of the world around you. Watch the news on Television than the daily soaps. Read newspaper.

Surround yourself with creative minds

The key for finding happiness is by surrounding yourself towards the people who brings out the best in you. Cut contacts of your friends who trolls you and who make fun of you. Make friends who are creative, as you would learn from such people and it would help in making you a better person. Join various communities which would in par with your interests. Personally, I love writing and I had joined the community Amino Apps where I found perfect people who inspire the writing in you.

Treat people kindly

Don’t be bad with people who are rude and arrogant with you. You would do nothing but pollute your mind with the negativity and you would spoil the rest of the day. Learn to ignore such people and spread happiness.

Be independent and discover your individuality

The most common problem teens are facing is from “identity crisis.” People associate themselves with someone they are inspired from, leaving behind their own individuality. I had stumbled upon a greatest quote by “Curt Hoyles” in Punisher Marvel Series.

This is the stinging reality

Just to note, no person is perfect or imperfect. People are born with positive and negative traits in their person. But I have mentioned the points which would help us enjoy the better way of life. There is no golden rule for being the “perfect girl” but if we could stay positive and adapt to the healthy lifestyle we can really see things changing for the good.


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