Testing The Best Menstrual Panties. Do They Really Work?

Last month I decided to try the best menstrual panties and although I had my doubts about whether I would throw away the pads and tampons in my life, the truth is the experience has surprised me quite a bit. The first thing we should know with this type of product is that there are different models of menstrual panties.

On the one hand, we found normal absorption panties that seem perfect to me for the first and last days. And on the other hand, we find high-absorption panties for the days when we have more periods.

Best Menstrual Panties Adalet

Are menstrual panties They are from Byplay, an erotic store that sells all kinds of toys and hygiene products for adults. We can find them in 4 sizes S – M – L – XL and XXL. They come in a cardboard box and what surprised me most when I opened them was their quality.

It is the perfect product not only for the environment, but also for our pocket because they are obviously reusable so we save a lot of money because we do not have to continually buy pads and tampons.

These menstrual panties have 4 layers of absorption creating an anti-humidity and antibacterial barrier that respects even the most sensitive skin.

Sensations when wearing menstrual panties

The first thing that occurred to me was that I thought they would be uncomfortable, but the truth is that they adapt perfectly to the body. It is true that it is noticeable that you are wearing something more than a cloth, but it is much more comfortable than using pads or similar. The absorption is quite high because even on the most difficult days they have held up perfectly and I have not had any leaks.

Washing menstrual panties was something I’d say I dreaded the most. But the truth is that Cleaning these panties is super easy. We just have to put the panties in a cloth bag, wash them in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30º and wait for them to dry, which is why it is advisable to have two units. Although if you don’t like the washing machine option, they can also be washed by hand with warm water and neutral soap.

Something that I also really liked is that they can be used in cases of urinary or postpartum incontinence so they can be used for various purposes.

What size menstrual panties to choose?

This is something quite simple, because in the end it is choosing your size as if it were a pair of pants. I wear a 38 in pants so I chose the M and I was clearly right.

  • XS=34
  • S = 36
  • M = 38
  • L = 40
  • XL=42
  • XXL=44

How long can we wear the best menstrual panties?

This will depend a lot on the flow of each person, so saying an exact time is, let’s say, an impossible mission. But let’s say that if your period is light or moderate you can wear it up to 12 hours.

How long can they last?

Depending on the use and care that we give a garment of this type It can last us between 2 and 5 years a fairly long time that saves us a lot of money on feminine hygiene products.

Finally, I would like to mention that you can use them as if they were normal panties. That is, you don’t have to stop making plans because you have your period because you can wear them with all types of clothes, exercise… and you can find them for only $19-39.

Byplay Fairy Flow

fairy flow

And if you place an order on this website, you might want to try new things like the fairy flow which is quite surprising. It is an orgasm enhancer. What this product does is increase blood flow to your intimate area, achieving a tickling effect. It is ideal for having a unique sensory experience, it has a very good cherry aroma and is perfect for innovate with your partner or alone.

And you, have you already tried the menstrual panties?

best menstrual panties

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