Ulé: the conscious connection of your skin with nature

Because our skin, like us, has learned to develop its mechanisms to protect itself, regenerate and keep stress at bay. The connection with Nature (Ulé), on this path, plays a fundamental role because it is a safe haven to go to in order to return to our essence.

Because The essence, the fundamental, is the starting point of Ul, the first cosmetic brand whose formulas are made with whole, pure plants from its revolutionary vertical crops. Every drop of any product Ul contains high levels of vitamins and minerals that nourish and protect the dermis, a care that enhances a strong feeling of well-being. A sensory experience on the skin with that I don’t know what that only Nature can offer.

The key to Ul is in the origin. Inspired by the ancient Greek term Rubber or Hyle, which names the fundamental matter of the whole. The matter of the world, of which we and Nature form a whole. AND Lindsay Azpitarte, the creator of Ul, realized its importance during her twenty years of experience in the world of cosmetics. This starting point of hers prompted her to develop a new vision of beauty. After many hours of reflection, I realized that his approach to beauty connected with nature and I wanted to put it into an effective and natural cosmetics line that reflected it.

Azpitarte was responsible for the brands of the segment prestige of the Shiseido Group when he felt he wanted to promote his personal project. After maturing his idea, he decided to travel to Tokyo and present it to the CEO of Shiseido. Azpitarte knew that the extensive knowledge in technology and innovation in skin care of the Shiseido Group They would help her move in the direction she wanted. With the approval obtained, Azpitarte brought together a team of experts in cosmetics and innovation who included an ethnobotanist, a nutritionist, and specialists in beauty innovation and product formulation. Ul had begun to take its first steps, although its official launch took place in the spring of 2022.

Azpitarte defends reasoned beauty, an essential concept at Ul. Motivated skin care that springs from nature. To take advantage of all the qualities of plants, Ul works with vertical crops. This agricultural technology allows them to grow in indoor environments without sunlight and facilitates the integral production of crops without pesticides, which preserves their natural qualities.

Ul is a story of intrapreneurship within the Group Shiseido and the first to be developed entirely in Europe. On our continent, Azpitarte has brought together a team of professionals with a vision eco-conscious and with shared passion for the project. In this group of expertsplays a fundamental role Ainhara Viars, general director of Shiseido (Prestige Division) in Spain and a pillar in the creation of Ul. Azpirarte and she have worked together since the beginning of Ul. Viars brought more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry to the project, of which 15 have passed at the Shiseido Group.

Three years after its creation, Ul lands now in Spain. Their range of cleansers, lotions, serums, creams and eye contours are formulated to relieve dehydrated, dry or dull skin. Imperfections and redness or lack of firmness, as well as dark circles or signs of fatigue decrease after application. You can find all the information in your Web.

Ul’s formulation starts from a premise: beautiful skin is resilient skin, because it has the ability to evolve in a healthy way and recover from an adverse environment. The combinations of Ul ingredients – hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides or Vitamin E, among others – aim to improve three essential functions for the beauty of the skin: protect, regenerate and de-stress.

In addition, Ul also offers nutricosmtica what they give to the skin a plus of essential vitamins and minerals to fill nutritional deficiencies and strengthen the immune system to support skin health and radiance. Ul’s botanical solutions, in any of their forms, enhance your skin from within thanks to the wisdom of Nature. Because remember that if you are resilient, so is your skin.


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