What do boys wish girls knew?

A couple of things immediately come to mind.

What do boys wish girls knew

A lot of us want a girlfriend.

We don’t just want to get into your pants. We don’t just want to use you for your bodies. We want someone who we enjoy spending time with, who we can go and do things with, who we can simply be with. We want to have someone. We don’t want to be alone.

We’re terrified of asking you out.

We may like you. Hell, we may love you with all of our hearts. And we may even think that you like us back. But that in no way means that we feel especially inclined to ask you out. We are worried what you’ll think of us. That you’ll shoot us down. What others will think of us. And so much more. Just because we don’t ask you out, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like you.

We don’t get signals.

For the most part, we don’t understand little signals that you may send to us to try to say that you like us. This involves flirting and anything similar to it. If we don’t immediately respond in a similar manner, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like you. It means that we’re just blind to human subtleties.

We like compliments too!

A few words from the girl can really be a make or break point of the day. It goes both ways. An compliment can give us a ridiculous boost during the day, while an insult can ruin the rest of the day.

Won’t be able to understand girl problems firsthand, but will try.

A lot of guys don’t know what happens down there. A lot of guys know period = angry, which I find a common misconception. I’m not going to even try comparing. We’ll do our best to try to help you through it. A little guidance first few times is always great. 🙂

Ask us out!

There’s a societal standard that makes it so the man almost always asks the girl out, and makes him seem gutless if he doesn’t. It also makes girls seem desperate if they ask a guy out. In my opinion, it would be nothing short of exceptional if a girl asked me out. I would feel honored that someone liked me enough to voice their feelings. I would be downright overjoyed. Girls, if you want to ask a guy out, don’t hold back. We would love it if you did. We may even think you’re even more awesome.

Don’t try to “change” us.

Yes you can of course try to help and improve us! I mean don’t try to sculpt us into someone we’re not. Don’t try to make us perfect for your standards. It feels great to have someone love you for who you are. And we’re equally as responsible to love you unconditionally back.


You guys look fine without it! Sometimes better without it! A little is fine as well, you don’t need to change your whole face! Don’t need to redo your eyes cheeks. Don’t cover your face, you’re beautiful as you are.

It’s not always about “scoring you.”

Whether “scoring” means sex or just having you agree to go out with us, when a teenage guy talks to a teenage girl, he isn’t always trying to score. Maybe he considers you a friend. Maybe he wants you to be a friend. Maybe he is just genuinely interested in something you said. Or maybe he just had a random question and it had nothing to do with him liking you whatsoever.

The other day, I asked the person sitting next to me if they had a pencil, and they just happened to be a girl. They responded with, “I’m sorry, but I’m really not interested in you.” First of all, ouch, but second of all, where did you get the idea that that was what I was trying to get across? It wasn’t. At all.

In the end, we’re not terrible people. At least, most of us aren’t. We have emotions. We get nervous. We want more than just sex. We like spending time with you, and we hope you like spending time with us. Even if we are brainless idiots a lot of the time.


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