What are the best workout apps for women at home?

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What are the best workout apps for women at home

When it comes to fitness, not everyone can afford a personal trainer or a fancy gym membership. Even if you can, sometimes you just need an extra push after hours. Fortunately, like just about everything else from transportation to food delivery, there’s an app for that.

Plenty of apps are at your fingertips to help with many aspects of your fitness regimen. Apps can help you create a personalized fitness plan, focus your workoutsplan your goals, track your success and more. And the best fitness apps for women help you exercise how you want—whether you’re a DVD workout junkie, a gym rat or a marathon trainee. So, grab your smartphone and start downloading our top fitness apps for women now.


Aaptiv combines the instruction of a personal trainer with high-beats-per-minute playlists. If your favorite indoor cycling class is booked, a trainer’s voice can guide you through a studio-style session with great playlists, to boot. Choose from hundreds of classes like running, weight training, yoga and meditation.

All Day

This training app was created by Adidas specifically for women. It looks at your movement, nutrition, mindset and rest—what it says are the four key drivers of athletic performance. Within the app, you’ll find “Discoveries,” or science-backed mini guides, in each of these categories. For example, start your day with a five- to 15-minute guided meditation via the “Om Sweet Om” discovery. Then, take a full-body workout with a yoga teacher or celebrity trainer. After work, get help cooking some fish tacos with a chef. Before bed, try a breathing exercise from the “Breathe Easy” discovery. You can even play a custom music mix to help you sleep more soundly.

Yoga Studio

Here, you’ll find 75-plus ready-made classes. Try Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Runners, the new Hip Hop Collection and more. Select your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), time (15, 30 or 60 minutes) and focus (strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or combination) to help you find the right class for you. All classes come with an HD video and teacher commentary to teach you how to move from one pose to the next and learn the poses themselves in ways that are clear and easy to follow.

Daily Butt Workout

Here, you’ll find two different five- to 10-minute butt- and leg-toning workouts. Workouts were developed and are demonstrated by a personal trainer. The routine comes with a video and timer so you can follow along and understand each exercise. Try the free version or check out the full version that features more workouts.


Sworkit wants to help everyone find workouts that are right for them, regardless of their current fitness levels and previous excuses. To do that, they provide easy-to-follow videos with adaptable workouts and plans that can fit into anyone’s busy life. Choose your workout and how long you have to exercise. Then, Sworkit shows you exactly what to do. You’ll find workouts like cardo, Pilates, stretching, yoga and strength training. Everything is equipment free and each workout offers video demos, verbal cues and instructions.


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