Why People Are In Love With Jodie Comer’s Eyebrows

Audrey hepburn, Brooke Shields, Cara Delevingne – we’ve had many a brow weigh down over the decades like Jodie Comer does, every of whom has inspired us to relegate the tweezers to backside beauty drawer forevermore (good enough, maybe now not forever, because, you understand, maintenance and all). Our most current brow obsession is one and only One Jodie Comer, aka killing eve’s villanelle and our lockdown brow hero.

Throughout the lockdown months Jodie has taken to many a zoom video chat, meting out plenty of lockdown style inspiration (school or college sweater) inside the process. But the thing (or rather, things) we clearly can’t get enough of include the arches above her eyes. Occasionally wilder, every now and then darker (perhaps a DIY brow dye process at paintings?), once in a while on the groomed side of the spectrum – she’s rocked them all, and we’re into the lot. Let’s understand why we all love her and her eyebrows!

Bedhead Brows (Jodie Comer EyeBrows)

When we travel back to old times, we see that beauty was natural, pure and raw before tweezers existed and today people in love with it called, ‘Bedhead Brows’. Her right brow is with a mind of its own. And we love a brow that breaks away from the crowd.


No added extras in her most of casual look (that we can detect, anyhow) – just her naturally God-given arches framing her face and doing their thing. No matter how futuristic or modern we become, we always love the beauty in its pure form, whether it is nature, animal, or human. Isn’t it!

Zoomed and Groomed

We spot some grooming action in her all photographs. And perhaps a little pencil (to fill in any gaps) and fibre gel (to pump up the volume).


The front, inner corners of the brows look plumped up and perhaps styled a bit to make them attractive, while the outer corners don’t look so restricted. We’re into this half-styled and half-natural look which everyone loves.

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DIY Dyed Arches

We’d be smiling if we had those perfectly defined, potentially DIY dyed arches too, Jodie. All the girls would love to have those and would love to be aww girls with those brows.

Which is your favourite Jodie Comer eyebrow look? We understand. It’s difficult to choose just one, right? Let’s talk about our own arches, which have been left by the government to their own devices for far too lengthy now (so a man can get his beard trimmed but we are not able to have our brows waxed?).
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