The nail trends of 2024 and the 7 colors for a fashionable manicure

Whether you are a minimalist when it comes to carrying your manicure with a single tone as if you like to combine some design to add a different touch, the new year encourages you to bet on tones, either classic and that do not fail, or others that we have not used before. And making a clean slate also means experimenting with new textures, designs and nail colors to embrace the new season. These will be the nail trends of 2024 and the colors that you won’t stop wearing.

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As he assures us Lucero Borjaexpert manicurist Selvarosa“in 2024 a sophisticated shine will be seen in metallic form in brown, black and red tones and mirror nails will also be a trend, chromesilver and gold.” It also confirms Rita RemarkGlobal Lead Educator Essie and celebrity manicurist along with color blue They will be some of the tones that we will not stop seeing this winter.

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Red nails will continue to be one of the manicure trends of 2024.

Classic luxury comes to 2024 manicures with a tone as sophisticated and chic as red, which represents “the good of all life” as it states Minervis Surezmanicurist The Beauty Concept. And timeless sophistication continues to remain a trend. “Red is the fashionable color in street style and it is maintained with a layer of shine that does not stand out too much and that looks pretty and elegant.”

The expert’s advice: “If red seems too powerful for your style, burgundy is another option to keep a nail color within the 2024 trends.”

Blue and glacial tones

As stated in the forecast report Pinterest trends Looking ahead to 2024, blue and glacial colors will have their moment of glory this year. And the searches for blue nails increased 260 percent on the platform. Blue not only has a wide range of options to choose from but also has a serene appearance on your hands and supports designs and chromatic games diverse.

Alexa Chung with a burgundy manicure with brown nuances
Alexa Chung with a burgundy manicure with dark brown undertones.

Wine and dark red, cherry or plum colors to those with chocolate nuances will also be very trendy for the coldest months of 2024. And they have the advantage that they adapt to almost all outfits.

How to wear it according to the expert: Miriam Coronadomanicurist Nails & Friends It is recommended to wear this tone with some shiny or black pigment that gives “relief” to the nail, bright cherries or garnets and if we opt for garnets with brown nuances, preferably wear them in matte.

peach buzz

Pantone revealed this year’s color and it will be the Peach Fuzz in 2024. It is located between pink and orange colors and evokes a feeling of tranquility, creating a space conducive to being, feeling and flourishing linked to well-being thanks to its warm tone, as well as comfort thanks to its softness. And it is transferred to the nails, which will accept different versions of this trendy tone.

The expert’s advice:Miriam Coronadomanicurist Nails & Friends It is recommended to personalize this color with a French manicure or with some chrome or glitter detail.


Going for metallic tones is also a winning horse because it is the ideal way to add a touch of shine to your nails. And although the chrome nails They have been a trend for two years, they will continue in 2024 because they adapt to all lengths and shapes of nails.

Earth tones: from green to brown

The colors inspired by nature They will gain strength this year. From chocolate brown to pistachio or mint green, they will become the most requested by manicurists.

Milky Nails

Chanel has recovered nude and milky tones in its Cruise 2024, which, as Miriam Coronado assures, “are a safe bet due to their simplicity and elegance.”

The expert Lucero Borja also anticipates that we will see the already known years ago “Cat Eye” which is done with a magnet to move the glitter particles and thus give different shapes with a three-dimensional effect to the nails. And also “the reflective nails “which have that effect because the polish is composed of mini particles (very different from traditional glitter) that shine spectacularly when exposed to the sun,” says the expert.

Layered Textured Manicure

The layered texture manicure will be one of the big stars of winter and Rita Remark, Essie’s Global Lead Educator and celebrity manicurist, explains how to do it.
The expert’s trick: When layering on nails, I think we always assume that the top coat is for shine, being an equivalent to the “jewel coat” before the top coat. However, “it can also be fun to play with layering on top of glitters and metallics for a completely new effect. How do we do it? Layer a clear coat over a metallic for a shiny lit-from-within finish.

The manicure Micro French French Tips It combines the elegance of French tips with a modern and delicate touch. While conventional French tips feature a thick white line on the free edge of the nail, “the micro french manicure “It incorporates a thinner and more delicate line that does not have to be exclusively white, but you can experiment and use different shades, giving it a much more personal touch,” nail experts tell us. Semilac.

Nails balletcore

If 2023 was the year Barbiecore, 2024 will be Balletcore when it comes to your nails. And this translates into subtle and creamy pinks reminiscent of ballet slippers, frosty nudes or creamy whites in short nails and minimalists. And they allow embellishments, a glazed finish and small embellishments such as ties, flowers either rhinestone beads. Jennifer Lopez shows off this nail trend from the manicurist Tom Bachik in shiny version.

The french manicure classic will once again be another fashion trend in 2024. As pointed out Brenda Morenomanicurist at The Beauty Concept, “consists of softening the natural pink of the nail with a pink or nude base and adding a white color to the tips to that look long and natural“.


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