Find a female travel companion while you travel!

By Be Aww Girls

There are ways around this if you don't know anyone personally who wants to travel.

1. Ask your friends first - if you are going from California to India via New York, your female friends might be interested in exploring New York with you!

2. Help others with clicking their photos! - Offer your help to take their pictures and then you both will start talking!

3. Stay in Hostels, not Hotels - Hanging around hostels is a great way to find female travel companions when you are on the road away from home.

4. Be a part of Local Walking / Cycling tours - In a lot of cities, you would find locals giving guided tours.

5. Socialise at bars and clubs - Girls who have just come there to "chill out" - and these are the ones who you should join and start a conversation.

5. Try apps - Apps like 'Couchsurfing, TravelGirls and TravBuddy' can help you in finding female travel partner.