Jodie Comer - world's most beautiful woman, not Zendaya or Bella Hadid

By Be Aww Girls

Based on her physicalities like eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, and jaw, the 29-year-old actress is said to be 94.52% close to the idea of perfect beauty!

A world-famous cosmetic surgeon 'Dr Julian De Silva' came to the conclusion after using the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty aka Phi.

Zendaya came second most beautiful woman and Bella Hadid, and Beyonce ranked third and fourth!

Doctor uses a technique called face mapping to evaluate patients, which is based on the ancient Greek ideal human body.

As per the theory of beauty ratios, a people's physical attractiveness increases when their face or body proportions is near the mathematical constant 1.618. (Phi)

Based on that proportions, Actress Jodie Corner is 94.52% close to the idea of perfection!

Initially she had a score of 98.7% but due to her her eyebrows she marked down with 94.52%! Still we like these eyebrows, what say?!