What is the reverse AI filter trend on TikTok?

By Be Aww Girls

A TIKTOK trend is attracting users to post raunchy photos online has gone viral – but it’s not all that it seems.

This new trend refers to the reversal of AI-generated art made by the 'AI Art filter' on the Dream by WOMBO app.

This filter became popular in Sept 2022 when TikTok users posted about the use of the filter on their lock screens.

TikTokers revealed that their partners would become angry that their lock screen wasn't a picture of them, but actually, it was a photo of them but just put through the funky filter.

Users then began to test the waters by posting explicit photos through the filter.

While it's often possible to see what's been painted over, most of the time all actual detail from the photo has been erased.

For ex, a TikToker, kainenovak, posted an AI Art filter nude in a video in early Nov 2022 that received roughly 4.1 million plays and 547,200 likes in 4 days.