New COVID variants and China's policy in megacities!

By Be Aww Girls

Shanghai, Shenzhen and other mega cities have ramped up testing for Covid-19 as infections rise!

In those megacities, local authorities are hastily closing schools, entertainment venues and tourist spots.

Infections have risen than August after increased in domestic travel during the National Day "Golden Week"

Many cases were found in tourist destinations but now megacities are also reporting more cases this week.

25 million people city, Shanghai reported 28 local cases on 10th Oct.

Instead of lockdown, authority said that all its 16 districts were to conduct mass testing untill 10th Nov.

Till 10th Oct, 36 Chinese cities were under various kind of lockdown which affected around 196.9 million people, versus 179.7 million in the previous week.

Daily shuttle buses are suspended from wednesday which ferrying tens of thousands of people.