How to host thanksgiving dinner on a budget!

By Be Aww Girls

1. Shop ahead. To avoid overpriced things, you should shop before!

2. You can buy a small turkey for $5. Green beans, $3. A couple of sweet potatoes, $3. Two cans of condensed soup, $3. A couple packs of instant yeast, $1. That's up to what, $15?

3. Splurge for a small pack of marshmallows to top the sweet potato casserole, and some onion strings to top the green bean casserole. A small bag of corn meal. Now you're still under $20?

4. Some all purpose flour, yeast, milk and butter becomes totally awesome yeast rolls. Google it.

5. Few bucks left? Spring for your favourite pie, $5 if you shop ahead. $2 for a half gallon of store brand or Breyers on sale.

6. Eggs, $1 a dozen, makes 24 deviled eggs with a little mayo, sugar, and sweet relish.

7. For under $30 you can feed 4 to 6 people with most or all of the traditional trimmings.