7 things must for any solo female traveler!

By Be Aww Girls

Here are a list of things you should carry with yourself, without fail:

1. Loose change- If you are very hungry and want to eat a roadside stall, do not take out your wallet and display all that hard currency.

2. Photocopies of important documents and phone numbers of family, friends and the hotel you are staying at.

3. Hygiene products - Whatever that you use at home, please carry them in smaller quantities.

4. First aid - Carry some nessesary medicines, some bandaids and one occlusive bandage.

5. Google translate app, Xe app, Google maps app. All your online banking apps and its passwords in a password protection app and not stored auto on the phone/device.

6. Pack light. Seriously. Again, you have to do it all, carry it all, protect it all, and so on.

7. Carry a mini pack of wet-wipes in a small amount and have it in your day bag.